Response to a Word: Redemption

If I could just undo that one stupid thing, take back those nasty words, get back that time I spent pursuing and doing foolishness. But now, I am reaping the consequences and riding the negative momentum of something, or a series of several somethings, I did in the past. Now, not only am I experiencing negative circumstances, but in some way I know I’ve been misshapen by unseen wounds and scars, which have the effect of inclining me to do further stupid, mean, and selfish things. What a tight little circle I’m in, I spin in this tight little cycle of sin.


Redemption: the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt. Archaic: to buy the freedom of. Origin: late Middle English, from Latin “redimere” to buy back.

4 Responses to “Response to a Word: Redemption”

  1. Simon  

    I apprecite that this is a serious post, but I wanted to just tell you that there is a shop in Beverly, Mass, that always makes me chuckle as it has a huge sign outside that reads “Liquor and redemption centre.” I always wonder if maybe there is a SS meeting upstairs where they serve beers and whisky instead o coffee 🙂

  2. Anthony Velez  

    Simon, I appreciate the sensitivity. I, of course, want to be respected, and thus when I am trying to be serious I want people to respond in kind, and when I am trying to be funny I want laughter. Honestly, I am not sure what effect I wanted this post to have on readers, and so your humorous association is fine by me. Your response reminds me of those signs I have seen that say “Jesus Saves” and then someone comes along and adds to it “aluminum cans”. You know that I take my faith seriously, and that I call Jesus “Lord”, but if something is funny it’s funny, even if it borders on the irreverent. Of course I have found some things offensive in how they treat sacred matters, but for the most part religious satire is about human foibles, and is not an attack on the divine. Of course, your comment was just word association and a funny incident you saw with the word “redemption”. Besides, sometimes a nice little buzz feels like redemption; So, why should the two being coupled be so oddly funny!?!? 🙂

  3. ROG  

    Here’s the problem with the word now – I got that Paul Simon lyric stuck in my head “I need a photo opportunity, I want a shot at redemption.” Totally kneejerk. It’s a curse.

  4. Anthony Velez  

    Roger – words will do that to ya. It’s funny the associations that the human mind makes, and it’s also funny how songs get stuck in our head. Actually, it’s not always so funny, like when some insipid song (often a commercial jingle) gets stuck on endless loop. “Dear God!! Get it out of my head! It won’t stop! AHHHHHH!” At this point you usually need to resort to a beverage with some serious proof in order for it to stop. Sorry if I have inflicted any pain by association. 🙂