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The Story of Everything

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

On First Things blog, “First Thougths” I was introduced to the following video… I wanted to share this on my blog as I think it smartly integrates good theology with a creative presentation.

Our True Selves Are Beyond Us

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Awhile ago I saw the Adjustment Bureau, a film that was presented as one man’s fight against the forces the sought to determine his life. To a degree, I suppose this is a valid expression of the film’s central theme, but beyond this fight against fate, what stood out for me was the protagonist’s use […]

Got Bias?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I listen to NPR and I find it to be an overall evenhanded source of information about a variety of issues and events in American society. I have friends who would disagree. I chalk this difference up to the fact that my friends are situated a bit more right than I, and thus there is […]