Who is Anthony James Velez

I’m a husband, father, and friend.

I’m a college Bible teacher, a Catechist, and a Deacon-soon-to-be-Priest.

I am a theologian, but I love philosophy, sociology, psychology, literature, and pedagogy. In short, I am a lover of ideas.

I am obsessed with the human condition, and my condition, and my condition within the human condition.

I am a Christian, particularly an Anglican, because I am convinced that liturgy matters in the shaping of souls. I am culturally engaged, and monastically suspicious. I am often perplexed, and seeking. I like questions, and searching for answers, even if I never quite get them.

I have a bohemian soul, but a chastened bohemian, because I believe in the value of discipline, even if it’s always just beyond me.

I love beauty. I agree with Dostoyevsky who said that Beauty would save the world. I believe this, because I believe that ultimate things are connected, and hence beauty, truth, and goodness are intimately connected, like lovers in bed.

I love alternative rock and grunge, and I can be quite cynical, and I am prone to melancholy. My music reflects this, but perhaps my choice of music also shapes this. I am eclectic and hence I love jazz, soul, Gospel, and Blues. Perhaps my eclecticism keeps me buoyant, and thereby keeps me from drowning in my own cynicism.

I am a romantic, an epic romantic. I love romantic films, but in the literary sense, as in the hero sets out on a journey, faces obstacles, overcomes and returns a better person.

I love offbeat stuff, because I am an offbeat soul: a square peg in a round hole.

I read like it’s oxygen for my soul… except for when I am watching T.V., which I do more than I should.

I like to write.

I write to make sense of what I see

And, I have to admit that what I see I see through the lens of a dark glass.