An Expression of Fallenness

A weird and sad expression of my fallenness is the fact that though I am far, far less holy than God is, I am also more judgmental.

One Response to “An Expression of Fallenness”

  1. Simon  

    Of course, you’re less holy than God, but I dunno about the judgemental bit. I mean maybe if I think about it, but I dunno. Like he is gonna judge everyone right, that’s one judgemental #### if you ask me.

    Imagine that, you get to heaven then are met with some admin assistant who has the “chart in heaven” they talk about in the Lord’s prayer, and they say, just wait there for your turn to be judged for everything you ever did.

    I mean first of all, how much time does this God character have! No wonder he never gets back to me re my prayers, because he’s too damn busy judging poor ol’ folk who find themselves in his office getting the third degree about shit they did so long ago they don’t remember.

    I dunno, if you ask me it seems petty. Here’s this entity, this man if you like, who has creative talent and power far beyond our wildest most ambitious creations, yet this guy is gonna spend his time critiquing all the crap you did in your life? C’mon!!

    At least there should be legal counsel offered if you’ve got the chance of eternity in hell. Even backward nations like the United States offer that!