My Unique Matter-ing

I was created to be a unique home for God, a home in which He expresses Himself in a unique way. I matter because I am a unique creation, but the completion of my significance is found only in that I should be a dwelling place for God. This means that my significance is a mystery to be discovered in my relationship with God, that I cannot look directly at myself, for my essence is found in depths beyond my comprehension, in depths of soul known only to Him. This also means that I am not a blank conduit to God’s Spirit, as I am unique habitation for God, a unique and living manifestation of his glory and thus the creation that I am if unredeemed can be a loss avenue of his glory, even though my loss would not ultimately detract from his glory. The creation that I am is an irreplaceable, God-willed existence, and thus I have particular significance in God’s orchestration of creation. In short, I matter, but my unique matter-ing is only complete in God.

2 Responses to “My Unique Matter-ing”

  1. Olivia  

    But what if you are a broken home? I always wonder about that, about what happens if you are born “wrong.”

  2. Anthony Velez  

    That is a great question! My quick response is that we are all broken homes, and in various degrees and ways, “born wrong.” So, to extend the metaphor, none of us are homes that are naturally hospitable to God. The thing is, we can’t make ourselves hospitable. We have to let him move in and inhabit us as is, and he then will make us hospitable. This whole process can be quite challenging because making us hospitable isn’t just about new carpet and fresh paint, but rather about tearing up and laying down a new foundation, messing with and replacing joists of floors and ceilings, and getting at those wall studs behind the sheetrock. God wants a house with structural integrity!