The Moneymaking Bug

Little by little things are disappearing from my house. At first it was little things: pieces of decor, some books, a small kitchen appliance, and then it was bigger things, as in pieces of furniture, my bike, and a few of my tools in the garage. Upon investigation I’ve found no signs of breaking and entering, no signs of trespass or burglary of any sort. And, yet, as if there is an insider making sure no signs of crime appear, things are disappearing from my household.

Okay, really, my daughter Elena has the moneymaking bug, with a fever of 104, and on top of that she has a knack for acquiring it. It is as if the gods of green have bestowed a special karma upon her that allows her to generate cash at will. In saying this I am specifically thinking of two areas where the blessing is manifest, which I will alliteratively refer to as Craigslist, and Contests. With respect to Craigslist, all she has to do is post something and within the hour someone will call, be genuinely interested, and by day’s end will have purchased the item posted. With respect to contests, Elena merely has to enter it, and very likely she will be among the winners, which in many cases will put her in the circle of those receiving cash prizes.

As a result of this unique bit of karma in which Elena currently abides, I imagined a scenario, something like you would see in a sitcom, wherein a precocious child, not unlike one of the kids in a Disney show, was enthralled by an incident wherein she legitimately sells one of her possessions via Craigslist to generate cash for another desired item, and under the narcotic of easy cash begins to sell, unbeknownst to the parents, other household items, making connections with prospective buyers all at times when the parents are conveniently away from the home.

It is this imagined scenario that inspired the opening paragraph of this post, and though it is not true that Elena has been selling our items behind our backs (if anyone would do this, it would be my son Joel, who is a good kid, but a bit impulsive), it is true that the gods of prosperity are currently smiling upon her. Well, let me restate that in a manner more consonant with my worldview… Jesus likes her just a little bit more than the rest of us.

One Response to “The Moneymaking Bug”

  1. Anthony Velez  

    Be forewarned that the author has mildly exaggerated for the sake of humorous effect. On an existential level, however, all that the author has said is true.