Great Grace for a Great Wreck

My heart was made for a great God and has become a great wreck that can only be redeemed through a great act of grace by a good and great God!


I could also say the above in a present ongoing sense, “My heart was made for a great God and has become a great wreck, and is being redeemed through unending grace by a good and great God!” However you or I say it, what I am expressing is a Kingdom principle, wherein Paul says, “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more,” and where Jesus says, “He who is forgiven much loves much,” and where I say, “O my God, I am a great wreck, and how great your grace is to me!” I realize that my saying all this may sound quite negative, but what is driving my expression is my ongoing awareness of how deep our hearts are, much deeper than we commonly imagine, and how this indicates something of the magnitude and glory for which we were created. Certainly we all have suffered unimaginable loss, a loss in which we all are complicit, and yet, in Christ all loss is more than gained.

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  1. Roger Green  

    Off topic, maybe: every time we sing Ah, Holy Jesus, and specifically the lyric I crucified you, I always weep: