The Deepest Law of the Universe

As I was praying for my pastor the other day an image came to mind of the Stone Tablets of Moses, which then led me to think of the Stone Table upon which Aslan (the Christ figure of Narnia) was sacrificed, and what occurred to me in this association of images is that the deepest law of the universe is the Law of Divine Self-Sacrifice. As I have reflected upon this further, I would now assert that though the moral law, such as that seen in the Ten Commandments, is an expression of God’s character, the Law of Divine Self-Sacrifice is the law engraved directly upon God’s heart. I would further assert that the wounds of Jesus, afflicted by crucifixion, were the historical manifestation of this divine law. Amplifying this idea, the Gospel of John states that Jesus came from the bosom of the Father, from the very heart of the Father, and thus it is not much of a stretch to say that it was God’s very heart that bore our afflictions upon the Cross, and hence the sacrifice of Jesus reveals the deepest law of the universe.

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