A Few Bullets on Flesh and Spirit

  • The flesh cannot submit to God
  • Biblically speaking, the flesh is not a reference to bodily existence but rather human life enmeshed in the power of sin
  • The flesh is the eclipse of God through absolute human autonomy
  • God’s judgment upon the flesh is death
  • God judged the flesh in Jesus, and Jesus rose to new life beyond the condemnation of the grave
  • Through Jesus, God has provided the means for us to escape God’s judgment upon the flesh by dying and rising with Christ
  • Since we are made in God’s image the flesh must contend with our natural human longings for God
  • Through religion the flesh mediates and manages our Godward needs on its own terms
  • The flesh loves religion
  • Our religious instincts must not be confused with life in the Spirit
  • By nature the Spirit is oriented upon the goodness and sovereignty of God, which is most clearly seen in the Cross of Christ
  • Life in the Spirit is rooted in and emerges from the Cross
  • The new self, the true self, born from the humanity of Christ through the power of the Spirit emerges from the Cross

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