Abed’s Christology

He’s like E.T., Edward Scissorhands, and Marty McFly.

2 Responses to “Abed’s Christology”

  1. K.L.B.  

    What the… ?

    Where’d you come up with THIS? Abed? Do you mean Abed-Nego?

    I saw all three movies – liked Scissorhands the best – and I’m missing the connection you’re making among/between/to/through them.

    Oh… if you wanna’ see some OUTSTANDING NCAA football (other than that team that runs around in town where you live that got whooped up on by Mississippi first thing in the season), tune in the Auburn v LSU game on CBS, 3:30P CST! WAR EAGLE, baby!

  2. Anthony Velez  

    This post is a quote from a show called “Community”, in which Abed, a Muslim student with aspirations of being a filmmaker, reads the New Testament for the first time and finds that he likes Jesus, and makes sense of him in terms of his film background.