At A Swim Meet

It was 4:15 pm, and I had napped for about a half hour longer than I planned, and had about 15 minutes to get Joel ready, the appropriate stuff together, and google the directions  for a swim meet in Dinuba, which was about 45 minutes south towards the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. All day it had been my slightly more than half-hearted plan to take him. I did not relish the idea facing the crowds, of standing in line to register Joel, and of sitting around (hopefully in some shade) and waiting for Joel’s competition class to be called for competition. Be that as it may, a little over an hour later Joel and I made it to the swim complex right on time, and, as it turned out, the whole affair was quite cool. In fact, I decided to take along my daughter’s compact digital Nikon and have some fun taking pictures.

6 Responses to “At A Swim Meet”

  1. Simon  

    He looks about as pleased with swimming competition as I was when I was a kid! 🙂

  2. Anthony Velez  

    Simon – If I am thick headed, you have to pardon me, but did you enjoy it? The waiting around wasn’t so fun for him, but he did actually like competing. The only problem from my perspective was that the event coordinators had Joel’s age group, one of the youngest, swim that last race of the whole competition, which was at almost 10pm. So, I am thinking that whoever set this up doesn’t have any kids. 10pm!! Really!?!

  3. K.L.B.  

    That first one of him against the wall with the beautiful golden sun shining is OUTSTANDING!

    So how is the little fish – well, all the fry – these days?

  4. Anthony Velez  

    Thanks for the compliments. And as far as Joel, he is quintessentially Joel, which, I am sure you know what that means.

  5. Sara H  

    Knowing Quintessential Joel, I’m sure having you at this event (and future meets) meant a lot to him. Deep down it will. Someday. Just like all kids…

  6. Roger Green  

    Soundtrack: the live Peter Gabriel song, including his intro” I…GO…SWIMMING” Then the bass line. Love that song.

    Love that 1st pic, too. Hated swimming though, esp because I almost drowned, twice, in school pools.