Well Beyond The Ordinary

Jesus came to freely share his sonship with us. He came to give us the same confidence he had as the eternally begotten and faithful Son of the Father. This is perhaps obvious regarding the testimony of Scriptures, but recently this reality has been striking more deeply into my heart, and what I see is a freedom and power to live well beyond the ordinary. At times, it is as if I am able to sense from the inside what it would be like to enjoy all things while possessing nothing, to not look to anything in the world to tell me who I am or what I am worth, and to love all people with a heart that is secure in the knowledge of God’s love.

2 Responses to “Well Beyond The Ordinary”

  1. K.L.B.  

    Yesterday, I allowed myself to be drawn into a trap. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, I lost my self control, and said things in anger I ought not have. Only moments after, it occurred to me that I had been victimized… by myself.

    This morning in prayer, I wept bitter tears of sorrow. I’m weeping now as I write my recollection.

    This evening, we had a wonderful parish fish fry, where we laughed, joked, visited and had a jolly good time.

    Tomorrow, I go to confession.

    I refuse to carry that burden.

  2. Anthony Velez  

    “Tomorrow, I go to confession.

    I refuse to carry that burden.”

    That is awesome!