Summer is Looking Good

As the chill of night withdrew under the morning sun, and bird songs began to fill the air, I looked at the tent wall and saw the silhouette  of an evergreen. This sight was justification for the previous night’s battle with mosquitoes as my family and I set up camp. We were at Princess Meadows, in Kings Canyon National park, and this was the beginning of our summer.

After breakfast we decided to hit the trail for which the campground was named. Though I could say much about the beauty of the Sequoias, I will refrain. Instead, I have a number of photos, many of which were taken by my 8 year old daughter, Elena, that I would like to share.

In conclusion, I will simply say that summer is looking good.

6 Responses to “Summer is Looking Good”

  1. K.L.B.  

    Well dang! there good ‘ol buddy! Your opening sentence was almost waxing poetic! Although, it probably would have been better had it been made into two. Cut at “evergreen.”

    Editorializing aside… great set o’ pics there, buddy!

  2. Anthony Velez  

    I like short sentences as well, as they tend to be more direct, and thereby more powerful. But there is a place for Faulkner like, half-page sentences. Of course, maybe you have to be Faulkner to pull it off. Anyways, what you say crossed my mind, but I wanted a closer connection between the beauty of the silhouette and the battle with the mosquitoes, which is what a comma provides. And yet, on second thought (and a reread), I will go with what you say, and edit the aforementioned sentence accordingly.

    BTW: In your comment on the silhouette pic you asked who took it. I did. I also took the pic of Cami and my shadow. Elena took every other picture that she was not in.

  3. Melissa  

    I loved the poetic contrast between the morning and evening before… So characteristic of real life! And I must say Elena is quite the photographer! Very impressive.

    Your comment on the first comment made me laugh. I can’t analyze my writing that much on my blog or it takes me WAY TOO LONG. And it’s my way of rebelling against perfectionism. : )

    I’m looking forward to camping with you all soon!

  4. Simon  

    I looked at the top middle picture and concluded that Elena was the photographer, so from one photographer to another I’d like to tell her “well done Elena! Borrow the camera again and take some more pictures for us to see, especially as I sadly won’t be seeing you guys this summer.”

    As for the poetic sentence, I too enjoy going off on a poetic thing sometimes. You were clearly inspired by the place, and that makes me happy to know that you get as buzzed about that kinda stuff as I do, so long may that continue!

  5. Anthony Velez  

    Simon – Actually, for the pictures I took, I borrowed Elena’s camera. Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and we bought her a digital camera that is better than ours. And so, it was her camera we brought on the trip, and for the most part she was our designated photographer.

  6. Simon  

    Ah ha! Her first camera huh. I remember that feeling. I look forward to more great pics then 🙂