Vin Foucault: A New Look

photo-111photo-1It’s summer and I wanted to do something different. Besides, I’ve noticed that my hair is thinning, and so, in case I go bald, or get that horseshoe look, I have to know I have options.

I am happy to report that I don’t have an oddly shaped head, and I don’t have any weird bumps, except for a couple of little, red-like moles on the side of my head. Sure, I don’t look badass like Vin Diesel, but neither do I look like an Hare Krishna.

Maybe I’m somewhere between Michel Foucault (noted French intellectual, primarily known for his associations with post-structuralism) and Vin Diesel. Call me Vin Foucault. On second thought, just call my Anthony (Tony is alright too).

7 Responses to “Vin Foucault: A New Look”

  1. K.L.B.  

    Oh my God!

    Tony, Tony, Tony! What in heaven’s name have you done!?!

    It don’t look good man, it don’t look good.

    For goodness’ sake man! SMILE! It’ll increase your face value! This makes you look like what I recall Anton LaVey to appeared like!

    Arrgh! What does your lovely wife Paula have to say about this radical departure? And your mom, and kids?

    And you know what’s ironic? The title “The Irony of Hell” immediately on the left above the picture of your shaved head!

    Lose the goatee if you’re gonna’ keep the shaved-head look.

  2. Roger Green  

    Vin Foucault. I like that – it can be your nom de intellectual kick-ass.

    I don’t have a good sense of what you looked like before, but I think the goatee balances the loss of hair on the top. Or so i tell myself.

  3. Simon  

    Lucy, the hairdresser from downstairs, saw this pic while she borrowed my laptop for a minute to find something online, and she says you look quite “hot.” I on the other think you look like you’re serving 25 to life. This and your wife-beater shirts and you got the look down. The minivan isn’t so gangsta tho. 🙂

  4. Anthony Velez  

    The new look has evoked ambivalent responses. On the one hand there is my buddy Kevin Bardon, who states, “It don’t look good man, it don’t look good.” On the other hand, there is Simon’s friend, Lucy, the hairdresser, who apparently said that I look quite hot (Thank you Lucy). I have to say, between the two, as much as Kevin is a friend, I would certainly rather have affirmation from the lady. Actually, I mostly get positive responses, including my wife, who prefers my hair to be a little longer, but still says I look cute.

    As far as Anton LaVey is concerned, I would rather look like him than believe and act like him. And, as far as the gangsta mini-van thing is concerned, I believe it was the movie “Get Shorty” that established the minivan as the new gangsta mode of travel.

  5. K.L.B.  

    Well, there you have it Anthony!

    “…has evoked ambivalent responses.”

    No respect from the men, “including my wife, who prefers my hair to be a little longer.”

    But see? She’d kiss you anyway, hair or no hair. She has a thing for you. But “for goodness’ sake man! SMILE! It’ll increase your face value!”

    BTW… looks only slightly better with the mustache off.

    While we’re on the hair thing…

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  6. Simon  

    I think you look like a drug Lord.

  7. Anthony Velez  

    Simon – If anything bad happens to you, just remember, “It ain’t personal; it’s just bizness.”