This World of Sleep & Dreams

“Do you know where the word “phantasm” comes from? It comes from Plato’s… notion that there was such a thing as objective reality, but that the five senses of the body didn’t pick it up correctly. So reality, he thought, was a somewhat hazy reality for all people… Do we even know when we are asleep and when we are truly awake? Could the reality we experience when we are asleep be made of the same substance we experience when we are awake? Are the two somehow tied together by a fabric of consciousness that we intuit yet don’t quite understand? Is this world of sleep and dreams the spirit world that religions speak of?” So begins the narrator of this provocative little video about magic, mysticism, the spiritual realm, and most personally, the work of George MacDonald: a poet, pastor, author, and visionary.

Awhile ago I wrote a post under “The Dead Speak” about George MacDonald, through which I gave a brief presentation of his significance for the modern Church, as well as provided an excerpt from one of his works. Today, perhaps by great serendipity, while searching for another video, I found this video instead. And so, I’ve decided to go with the flow, and post it both for your entertainment and enlightenment.


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