Camila Rose

A little over three weeks prior to her due date, Camila Rose Velez was born early evening Wednesday, weighing in at a mere 5 pounds and 15 ounces. She is my fourth child and she is a reality that is difficult for me process. I look at her and I know she is my daughter, and yet she seems so alien. This experience is par for course, as this has been my experience with all my children when they were newborns. I guess what is hard to get a hold of is that she is a new human being. There was a time when she wasn’t, then she was concieved, developed in the womb, and then she emerged whole and complete, and yet with so much development ahead of her. I look at her, tiny and frail, and she seems so unreal, like a living doll. How can a human be this small? And yet, I know that I am looking at a creature made in God’s image, one who will grow and develop, one who will talk, reason, imagine and love, and one who will ultimately be glorified in the goodness and grace of God. I hold her and I imagine this incredible, eternal potential all within a bundle that currently squeeks and weighs less than my arm.


4 Responses to “Camila Rose”

  1. Simon Jones  

    Pretty soon we’re gonna have to think of you in terms of a general not a father! I swear you’re building an army. 🙂

    Congratulations to you all, and hello Camila!

  2. Kevin Benson  

    What! Do you really have to stay two in front of me. I give up! You win. Congratulations. I’m glad she is healthy and it looks like she has quite a set of lungs on her. Do you remember what those sleepless nights are like? Three and a half months later I am just starting to get sleep again.

  3. ROG  

    Congrats. Actually, she looks less like an alien than most babies.

  4. Chris "Lefty" Brown  

    Anthony of all your children this has been the first one in which Kelly and I really saw the pain and sorrow (and I’m real thankful that those “happy” moments remained behind your bedroom door) after you & Paula’s loss not too long ago.

    Whenever a new child comes along, I always turn inwards a bit because of Kelly & my present situation, and Camila’s birth give me hope in the presence of miracles.

    Can’t wait to hang out with your family and get to know our newest “niece”…even if our Aunt and Uncle-hood is honorary.