Hittin The Snooze

Hittin the Snooze

3 Responses to “Hittin The Snooze”

  1. Simon Jones  

    6am Yikes! Sometimes I am not actually getting to bed till 6am!

    Of course if I had a little army like you then I suppose I’d be doing 6am’s. – Yikes!!

    My ‘snooze’ is often known to be measured in hours 🙂

  2. Anne  

    Going without a shower??? 🙂

  3. Anthony Velez  

    Anne, I actually don’t go without a shower as it is more important to my actually waking up than coffee is. However, when I am in the early morning throes of trying to get out of bed, such thoughts do run through my mind. As a result of this, I have two shower categories, the works, which includes using soap, shampooing, conditioning shaving and flossing; and the speed wash, which includes warm water and shampoo, in which I try to use the excess to wash my body. Whatever one I choose, the cells of my body need the interaction with warm water to fully wake up.