The other day, as I was hanging out at the Revue cafe, typing a way on an essay and enjoying a 20oz latte that was served in a cup the size of a cereal bowl, I happened to look up and notice an older gentleman, who looked a bit like Mark Twain in a pair of Stetsons, walk into the only single-occupancy bathroom that the institution had. A few moments later, another guy walked up, checked the door to the bathroom and found it locked. This guy then looked over at me and asked if anyone was in there, to which I replied that some guy had just walked in. He shrugged his shoulders turned around and walked out to the patio area. In the mean time the Mark-Twain gentleman left the bathroom and walked out the front door of the cafe. A few moments later the guy who inquired about the occupancy of the bathroom came back in and found the door locked. Meanwhile, the lady who worked at the cafe noticed him pulling on the door, grabbed her keys and opened it for him. The guy then walked in and did his business. Afterwards, as the guy was leaving the café to go back out to the patio area, the lady who worked there told him to let her know the next time the door is locked. In response to this, the now-relieved guy looked over at me and said, “MacBoy over there said it was occupied” to which lady of the institution responded that very likely there was somebody in there, and that when that somebody left, he or she probably forgot to unlock the door. The now-relieved, name-calling guy just shook his head as if to say “whatever” and turned and left the building, leaving me to ponder at his calling me “MacBoy”.

Please note, I wasn’t offended by being identified by a product I use. I like my Mac. I mean, I wouldn’t want my whole life to be summed up by the phrase “He was a Mac user”, but in the brief context of trying to identify me amongst other patrons, I figured this was fine. However, beyond feeling unjustly accused, I did wonder if would I ever be tempted to call someone “PC Boy” or for that matter, “Dell Boy” or “Sony Boy”. I also wondered if all PC users tend to be as rash in their judgments as this guy, as I don’t think I would have responded similarly had the situation been reversed. I must admit that I do not know for sure that he was a PC user; rather, I am making the assumption that he was based upon the fact that he referred to me as “Mac Boy”. The implication of this from the perspective of the now-relieved, name-calling guy was that I was “the other”, the one who was not in his category; moreover, I was the one who was wrong, which to him was probably further reinforced by the fact that I used a Mac.

In closing, since I am already operating in stereotypes, I want to say that as I think back upon the appearance of the now-relieved, name-calling guy, for some reason I envision him wearing a yellow polo shirt with the collar popped, shorts that are a bit too high above the knee, and white tennis shoes with the laces done up halfway and the tongues sticking out. I also remember him as having dark blond hair that was a little long in the back (bordering on a mullet). If you fail to get the significance of this guy’ appearance, my guess is that you probably use a PC.


6 Responses to “MacBoy”

  1. tom  

    I use a PC, but I long for the goodness that is a mac. Oh Mac Boy (picture super hero side kick) can you help me? Someday when I have lots of extra money just waiting to be spent I will get a mac. Until then I will be PC fella.

  2. Anthony Velez  

    Good to hear from you Tom, and I agree, MacBoy does sound a bit like a side kick. Perhaps my superpower could be the ability to lead people through the darkest of places (both literally and metaphorically) using a glowing apple (not unlike the glowing apple on the cover of a MacBook), or perhaps it would be preternatural creativity. Or, perhaps it could be the willingness and ability to go into debt to purchase a piece of desired technology.

    In all honesty, PCs are fine by me. I just wanted to put a subtle yet effective barb out there, since I have been taking a few hits for being a Mac owner recently.

    Perhaps we can enact a Shakespearian-kind-a drama where your family would be the Peacees, and my family would be the MacApples and there would be a long standing feud between us, and a child from each of our households would fall in love with one another, but, instead of driving them to hide their relationship, we would unconditionally accept them and be blessed by the children that would result from their union. And, the children would be amazing!!

    Just a thought. 🙂

  3. Simon Jones  

    Macboy! Ha! What’s more amusing is if he thought it was somehow an insult. In future you should refer to PC users as ‘Virus boy’ and see how they feel about that 🙂

  4. Anthony Velez  

    Simon, thanks for the retort. I will file it away for future use.

  5. Simon Jones  

    You do that… Macboy! 😉

  6. Paul  

    at least you weren’t PodHead or anything like that!