Wisdom and Wit from the Air Waves

The following are two great lines that I heard over the air-waves this week. The first comes from the “The Gilmore Girls” which is a show that has a semi-northernexposure quirkiness about it and which revolves around a relationship between a mother and daughter.

In this scene Lorelai (the Mother) is allowing her friend Sookie to borrow her dog, Paul Anka, so that Sookie and her husband can find out if they are dog people. When it comes time for the dog to leave Lorelai hides the leash as she approaches the dog and covertly attaches it to the dog’s collar. Sookie noticing this asks Lorelai about how the dog will respond once he realizes he is on the leash. To this Lorelai responds, “He’ll be fine. Like any good American, he’s alright with having his freedoms slowly usurped.”

The second comes from a radio show called “The Bob and Tom Show” which regularly has guest comedians. One visiting comedian had this to say about home video games.

Microsoft, with the release of its latest version of the XBox has edged out its leading competitor,.. a productive life.

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