Incense to an Unknown God

This is perhaps a work in progress, and yet I am comfortable enough to post it. Chris, if you read this, it was inspired by an event that I was not aware of until you lifted the veil. For anyone else, as I have heard recently and come to agree with, the author is not dead. He has, however, walked away. Thus, you have some lattitude in interpreting this poem.

What were we looking for
when I walked in?
While you both embraced
in the dark and silence,
I searched
for a pack of smokes.
My Lungs longing,
both your lips pressed,
we groped the darkness
for fire and flesh.
While lying naked under sheets
that withheld the aroma
of your sex and sweat,
I found my smokes, lit one
and dragged hard
till my lungs were bursting
and your bodies were aching,
and we released
the smoke that rises
like incense
to an unknown

2 Responses to “Incense to an Unknown God”

  1. Chris  

    Bit of a different poem/voice for you Anthony. Good stuff.

  2. Administrator  

    Thanks Chris. I have always respected your opinion about literary matters, and so I appreciate your affirmation.