The Mere Melody

In thinking about why I am a bit uncomfortable with fundamentalist Christians, even though they share many of my theological convictions, an analogy occurred to me wherein the Christian faith is much like a symphonic piece, and the Fundamentalists, as well as a whole host of Evangelicals, are singing the basic melody, but are missing the whole symphony, a wonderfully complex orchestral piece that has a clear melody, but a melody that throughout the whole of the orchestration is repeated with a slight variation on a consistent theme, and where there are echoes of the melody, counter-melodies (which heighten the tension of the melody) and where there is vocal and instrumental harmony, all of which provides texture, depth, and breadth to the song that is Christianity. The main problem, however, is not that they are merely singing the melody, but that they too often think that the mere melody is the whole orchestration, and too often they are suspicious of those parts of the larger orchestration that go beyond the basic melody. In short, its like their souls have become attenuated by only listening to the pop version of the Christian faith.

3 Responses to “The Mere Melody”

  1. Roger Green  

    I’ll buy this.

  2. Kevin  

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying some offbeat humor which pokes fun at the inconsistencies or lack of answers in the Bible. And then, there’s America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers.

    Y’know, I like that stuff precisely because it’s quirky, and because it pokes fun at those among us (yes, they walk among us) who assert to know everything, or at least believe everything… well, almost everything.

    In the process, they just make themselves out to be the hypocritical laughing stocks they are, exacerbated their own self-unawareness. It’s almost as good as the irony of Attorney-cum-Church Founder Fred Phelps getting excommunicated from the church he founded.

    What does that have to do with what you wrote?


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