The Pouring

From all eternity was the Pouring, the Father forever pouring himself completely into the Son, and the Son completely pouring himself back unto the Father, the Father only knowing himself in the Son, and the Son in the Father. From all eternity the Father was perfect will and the Son was perfect response, and this perfection is the unity of love, a love so perfect that it is conscious of itself as Spirit. And this is the Pouring: the one God as Father, Son, and Spirit.

Before there was anything there was the Pouring and the Pouring poured in a new way, a way that brought forth all creation. And nothing that was or is has come into being but that the Father poured himself out by speaking the Son through the Spirit. And in the Son and through the Spirit the Father has willed that all creation should return to find its completion in Him.

When the time was right the Father willed that the Son through the power of the Spirit should fully pour himself into creation and live among us who turned away. Being among us he fully became one of us by taking our turning upon himself, so that within our turning away he may turn us back to God. And now, any who trust in him will find that where we have turned away he has turned us back, so that we may pour ourselves into the fullness of God, as he has poured himself out as an offering for us. And this is salvation: to trust him by fully pouring ourselves out for Him who fully pours himself out for us.

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  1. K.L.B.  

    Again, very picturesque.