There Is No Try

I just love that scene in Star Wars where Dumbledore says to Frodo, “Do, or do not. There is no try”. You really get the sense that Frodo took it to heart when he used a time turner to go back in time to prevent the dark lord Voldemort from creating the Death Star so that the Shire would never even have a chance of being destroyed. Of course, such wisdom is to be expected from a wizard who died, ascended, and returned as a white wizard.

5 Responses to “There Is No Try”

  1. Roger Green  

    now you’re just messin’ with my head…

  2. Anthony Velez  


  3. Tom  

    I think you have had to much butter beer.

  4. Anthony Velez  

    I think that that would require more butterbeer than I could consume in one sitting as it supposedly has very low alcohol content. But, maybe?!?!

  5. K.L.B.  

    If you plan to fail and do, have you succeeded, or failed?