The Wall

Theocratus: On the other side of this wall is everything you truly need, blessing without limit, and unspeakable joy.

Catachumen: How do I get in, as it’s far too tall to climb, its foundation is far too deep, and it stretches in both directions as far as the eye can see?

Theocratus: ——-

4 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. Roger Green  

    ah, but you didn’t say there wasn’t a door. First I thought to go under, because my pole vaulting talent is…limited.

  2. Anthony Velez  

    I thought about being explicit about there being no door, and that the wall’s foundation was too deep to go under, but I was kind of hoping the picture I gave implied it. Maybe I will revise it and and be more explicit.

    As I think about it, these brief whatever they are, scenarios I suppose, are somewhat inspired by Kafka’s “Before The Law”, which I’ve previously posted in my blog. I guess I am attracted to/obsessed with the idea of being barred from something desired or needed.

  3. K.L.B.  

    You have an invitation, and are therefore a welcomed guest; ask for help.

  4. Anthony Velez  

    Kevin – You are absolutely right, but sometimes, for some stupid reason, it’s hard to see the invitation that is right in front of us.