Bulletpoints on Becoming

In short, we are a being in becoming, and through faith in Christ our becoming is a path that leads us back to God. Essential to walking this path is self denial, and so with this in mind, I give the following bulletpoints on becoming.

  • We can deny ourselves things for the sake of obtaining a personal goal
  • Deeper still, we can deny ourselves the final right to determine our goals
  • This latter denial is to deny ourselves final authority and absolute autonomy
  • This kind of denial leads to fullness and completion in God
  • This is so because who we genuinely are is intimately bound to who God is
  • Our talents, our abilities, our all can only be actualized in communion with God
  • We are a mystery deeply woven into the mystery of Christ in God
  • In Christ this mystery is a lifting veil, a revealing, and in Christ our lives are a revelation

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