A Spirit Soaked Humanity

God structured us to function upon the presence and operations of His Spirit, such that we cannot be fully human apart from the Spirit. In the Fall we were closed off from the Spirit, we barred the Spirit from abiding and operating in the intimate recesses of our being. Through the Cross, the Son of God offered his Spirit formed humanity, a humanity embryonically drawn from the womb of Mary, a humanity upon which the Spirit tabernacled without limit. Through the Cross his humanity was offered on behalf of our incomplete, broken, and Spirit denying humanity. By assuming our human nature and bearing our sin, Jesus opened the depths of our humanity once again to the Spirit. Through the Cross we are enabled to die to the Spirit denying humanity of Adam, and we are made partakers of the Spirit soaked humanity of Jesus. Through the Cross our human depths are claimed for God.

5 Responses to “A Spirit Soaked Humanity”

  1. K.L.B  

    Glad to know you can read the Bible. *wink*

  2. K.L.B.  

    As I consider further, I wonder… is that anything like a rum-soaked fruit cake?

  3. Anthony Velez  

    What is this thing you call the Bible? It sounds odd to me.

  4. Anthony Velez  

    And regarding rum-soaked cake, exactly, except, substitute Spirit for rum, and substitute human nature for cake. But, other than that, you have it exactly.

  5. A.B.C.  


    I am one of your covert readers–I just turned overt. You are a very smart man and I enjoy reading your blog. Recently I’ve been thinking about the nature of man, the nature of the macrocosms, the idea of a microcosm, and the place of science in God’s creation.

    Those who went before us did not altogether have benefit of science, and we all know that scientists are merely reverse engineering God’s handiwork. I see God’s handiwork as God’s science, so scientists are essentially studying God’s technology at work around us.

    I’m increasingly finding it harder to separate the science I see around us and that of God who made it. The mathematics contained in every fiber of this construct to the mechanics behind every particle… all of this is part of a God that is so big, so large that our finite minds can barely begin to fathom how He did what He did.

    I now see science all around me, in my Bible as well. I’d like to have a meaningful conversation with someone concerning this issue. Many of the greatest scientific principals have been unearthed by religious scientists. Probably the most difficult thing to understand is the level of science that would be necessary to create and further sustain this kind of world. And yet through science our own technologies have furthered themselves, and all because of God who made it all.

    Any thoughts on this? I have a lot of specific ideas on this, all of which I see as the work of God, and Jesus, our Master, of course plays a significant role in the making of all we see. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue. Thank you. A.B. C.