I’m Gonna Get Medieval On You

It has been 28 days since my last post because I am buried in preparations for the new class I’m teaching, Medieval & Early Modern Civilizations, which historically covers an 1100 year period between the 5th and 16th centuries, and culturally covers Western Europe, the Byzantine East, Islamic Society, African Cultures, Central Asian Cultures, and Meso-American Cultures.

I have a decent background in the humanities, and as many of you know, a solid background in historical theology and intellectual history, which certainly gives me a solid edge over my students, but I am feeling a bit out of my element, particularly regarding mastery of the socio-political details. This said, I am learning more about this era of history and these various cultures in preparing to teach, than I would have if I was reading all that I am reading just for myself. Funny how teaching does this.

In wrapping up this post, I will say that this experience, as stressful as it has been, has been very rewarding in bringing greater context to my previous studies in theology and intellectual history. Moreover, I am learning alot about living one day at time, preparing for what is just ahead, and letting tommorow take care of itself.

3 Responses to “I’m Gonna Get Medieval On You”

  1. K.L.B.  

    Anthony, I like what you wrote about “…living one day at time, preparing for what is just ahead, and letting tommorow (sic) take care of itself.”

    In a very great sense, I too sense similarly.

    Christ is reported by the KJV translators to have said it this way, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” However, I like the sense that the ISV, GWT and the NASB give to that phrase, that expresses that in each new day, there are enough troubles, but we should not worry, and instead are to rely upon the Father.

    As I was preparing to leave CA, my guts were turning, and as I had lain down to sleep for a bit beforehand, the scripture came to mind that “so He gives His beloved rest.” I thanked the Father for His reassurance, closed my eyes and slept soundly throughout the night.

    In some regard, I can’t help but imagine that Psalm was forefront in Christ’s mind as He shared what He did. What Christ said certainly seems to be a reinforcement, doesn’t it? ( ref: PS 127:2)

  2. John Espino  

    When you’re done, could we have the notes? I would love to develop that part of history, of which I’m even more clueless.

    Keep up the good work Tony……

  3. Roger Green  

    Anthony – I’ve lost your address. Pls send to rogerogreen@gmail.com so I can send you stuff.