Get All Freud On Me

Throughout my life I have periodically had a dream where I am notified that due to some technicality a part of my education that was initially declared complete, is now incomplete, and I have to go back and complete it before I go on with my life. These dreams are not consistent, insofar as in one instance I had to go back and finish grade school, in another instance I had to complete high school, and if I remember correctly, in yet another instance I had to go back and finish my undergraduate studies. I am not sure, but I think these dreams often occur when I am about to cross some threshold of accomplishment or development.

So, do any of you want get all Freud on me and tell me what you think it means?

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  1. Roger Green  

    I think it means what I think you think it means. That as you think you’re moving on – you’re sure you’re beyond having to look back – the lessons, the building blocks necessary for completion of the new task are incomplete.
    So, lie on the sofa. my friend. It seems that either you are unprepared for what lies ahead or your subconscious fears that you are unprepared and that you must school yourself again in the basics.
    You may recall that when your children were about to enter a growth spurt, there was often a temporary regression in their behaviors. That is a truism, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps your dreams before moving forward and a child’s regression before growth are related.

    Or I have no idea what I’m talking about, always a possibility.

  2. K.L.B.  

    Our Father God is the same, yesterday and forever. As such, as was prophesied by Joel, having poured out His spirit, He still speaks to His people today through visions and dreams.

    Our LORD Jesus’ stepfather Joseph and Mother Mary were “warned in a dream” to return home another way shortly after our Saviour’s birth. Even James Taylor wrote a Christmas song using that story. There are other examples throughout Scripture about dreams; and Believers in modernity in the current era can testify of the importance of His voice in our lives through that venue, even today.

    I don’t “do Freud” but if you’d like to speak with me in person, I’d be glad to share with about my own journey and my dreams – I keep a journal of them – and would be pleased to provide an opportunity to be your “listening board.”

  3. Anthony Velez  

    Kevin – I appreciate the offer, but I am being mildly tongue in cheek in sharing this post about my dreams. I do believe that God speaks to us in dreams. I also think that God designed our bio-psychological being such that our dreams are merely a means to release energy or to allow our subconscious release from the lid of the ego. The hitch, for me, is discerning when God is speaking to us in dreams amidst the playground of the unfettered id. Of course, in saying all this, I may just be capitulating too much to Freudian categories to process the phenomena of dreams. Whatever the case may be, I am open, and if anyone shares something of interest to me, that alone will be worth the price of admission (the posting of my dream).

  4. Kevin Benson  

    Tony – Clearly, there is some unfinished business in your life. Here are some possibilities:

    1. It is time to have another child. 40 is a great biblical number, so you better get busy…
    2. You need to find everyone you have eer wronged in any way and apologize in person.
    3. You were actually supposed to take up trumpet rather than guitar. Time to go back to the beginning and take trumpet lessons. Paula will love it.
    4. You are to once again inner tube down the Troublemaker rapid on the American River. This time, however, you need to do it blindfolded in the middle of winter.
    5. There is some unconfessed sin in your life from some time in the last 40 (almost 41) years. You must search until you find it. Your salvation depends on it.
    6. Clearly, your libido has been repressed by the ego in order that your superego could maintain your “moral” standing at the expense of your id. What did I just say? Maybe this ties back to possibility one above.

    BTW – For all I know, KLB may also be a Kevin, but I want to make sure you know it is not me since you have responded to KLB as Kevin on more than one occasion. Just for the sake of clarity.

  5. Anthony Velez  

    Kevin L. Benson –

    Regarding number one, it’s like I told Paula recently, since we already have four kids, at this point in my life I am more about the process of what it takes to have kids as opposed to the product, as much as I love the products I already have.

    Isn’t number two and five closely related, at least potentially. Anyways, If I win the lottery, I will definitely consider drawing up a list like Earl Hickey, and spend the rest of my life righting my wrongs. However, I don’t want to live in a hotel while doing it.

    As to number 3, I was thinking tuba.

    Regarding number four, you forgot “naked.”

    Regarding number six, given the nature of the unfettered id, which knows not the boundary of marriage, if I was to connect what you said here to number one then we are likely talking illegitimate children, which would be very complicated, would not win Paula’s approval, and would add to both the second and fifth things you said. No thanks.

    BTW – I usually am pretty clear what Kevin I am responding to even though having the same initials does make it challenging. Perhaps for my convenience you could change your middle name. 🙂

  6. Kevin Benson  

    Actually, I am KDB, for Kevin Daryl Benson. I just didn’t know if KLB was also Kevin. I’m so confused. O_o

  7. Kevin Benson  

    That ending was an emoticon intended to convey confusion. I guess it didn’t get converted to the icon. Oh, well.

  8. Anthony Velez  

    Oooops, I was getting your dad’s name confused with your middle name, which, now that you said it, rings a bell. I guess that you means you don’t have to change your middle name, but still, KDB, KLB, it can be somewhat confusing, but I think I can keep it straight.

  9. John Espino  

    You guys are too funny….and your 6 possibilities Kevin are even funnier….The 4-0 club is great aint it?