Sunday School

Below are words from a flyer regarding a class I am going to teach at my church for adult Sunday school. I am excited and a little apprehensive about this venture. The excitement emerges from my love of teaching and theology, as well as the sense of fulfilling a calling. I am apprehensive due to a fear of not effectively connecting with and communicating to my audience. Also, I am quite aware that Scripturally speaking teachers bear quite a responsibility for what they communicate. In the end, however, I am not going to allow myself to be locked into paralysis. I would rather step out and crash then become stagnant.

For those of you who have the heart to do so, please pray that God would keep me in wisdom and humility as I lead this class.


Beginning Sunday, February 10th, a new course will be offered for the Adult Sunday School, which features Richard Foster’, The Challenge of the Disciplined Life. Foster is a leading author and teacher on Christian Spirituality who is known for providing instruction and insight that reaches audiences across denominational lines. Foster’ best-known work, The Celebration of Discipline, sold more than a million copies and inspired many to embrace the classic disciplines of the Christian faith. In The Challenge of the Disciplined Life, Foster continues his ministry by providing a foundation upon which Christians can respond to the difficult topics of money, sex, and power.

Anthony Velez, a member of the Vestry and an MA grad in theology, will be leading this course by providing theological instruction in support of Foster’ work. Anthony is currently a faculty member at Fresno Pacific University where he teaches courses in written communication, and provides coordination for the Center for Writing and Learning. He is also the proud father of four and the blessed husband of one.

5 Responses to “Sunday School”

  1. Simon Jones  

    Does it not go without saying that you are the “blessed husband of one”? I mean heck, you’re not a mormon so why even play the numbers on this point?

    Anyway, sounds interesting. I’d even consider going to a class you lead like this because your outlook and interpretations are always interesting. Though maybe I’m not qualified enough to attend anyway. I mean it sounds like I’d need a access qualification for the course. Maybe ‘applied Christianity’ or at least a ‘Basic God.’ Without this I think maybe I’d soon be left behind by a seasoned Godologist like yourself.

    Let us know how you get on.

  2. ROG  

    As it turns out, I’ll ALSO be leading adult ed on February 10. We’re going to be talking about race. At this moment, I feel like I’m winging it, though I know that I’ll figure it out by then. I’ll be using several sources over the three weeks. So, I’ll wish you good luck, but I’ll need it more than you!

  3. Anthony Velez  

    Simon – You of course would be very welcome, and if I took some excursions into the higher planes of Godology, I would make sure to give you a map and a compass so that you would be able to keep your bearings.

  4. Anthony Velez  

    Roger – I am glad to know that you will be going through a similar experience, and I think its a great subject you have chosen to address. I once heard of Sunday mornings as the most segregated time in America. It is good that you will be doing something to address this issue. Based upon previous experience, I have to say that you might face an unwillingness or inability of people to acknowledge their own subtle prejudices. I went through a book on race with a Xian group one time, and it seemed to some degree that people were eager to express how impartial and accepting of diversity they were. In reaction I thought that this seemed to undermine the idea that there was a need for heeling and transformation in the body of Christ, and yet there is clearly still race issues that linger in American culture.

  5. tom  

    Can I come? I need to read said book. I did love The Celebration of the Disciplines.