The Faithful Proclaim

The faithful proclaim what the Lord has done, fools try explain how he did it.

3 Responses to “The Faithful Proclaim”

  1. Simon  

    Ah, so this is why some people point out Jesus face in cut fruit and stuff 🙂

  2. Anthony Velez  

    Cut fruit and stuff is not quite what prompted me to write this aphorism, but I suppose it could work. In know my aphorisms can be mildly arcane. So, to be more explicit, I’ll just say that in this expression I was trying to mark a boundary regarding discourse about God. Upon further scrutiny, however, I realized that the line I drew between “what” and “how” often breaks down. And yet, on a general level it works.

  3. Rachel  

    “God is within the soul and the soul is our most intimate posession; He is above truth and truth is the mind’s highest attainment; He is, therefore, more intimate than our most intimate selves and superior to our highest excellence: Thus God is the light of our heart, the bread that nourishes our soul and the power that brings our mind and innermost thoughts to fruition. Our task is not so much to prove Him as to find Him.” -Etienne Gilson-

    This is definitely being added to my list of favorite quotes, and I have to say, some of your Aphorisms are genius. 🙂