Just Answer the Phone!

This past Sunday my pastor gave a sermon on servanthood through which I was reminded of the architect, Le Corbusier’s famous dictum “God is in the details”. Illustrating the idea that small acts matter, the pastor gave a pointed example (pointed enough to stab at my heart) about being willing to answer the phone, instead of ignoring it so that someone else will. In that moment, I saw how my resistance to answering the phone placed my interests above my wife’. Of course, this resistance is a small act on the scale of immorality and injustice, probably not even an ounce. Yet, when I looked at this matter on the level of motivation, I saw that such an act was of the same substance as the wretched deeds of oppression that are obvious expressions of selfishness. Even though refusing to answer the phone does not create the devastating consequences of oppression, this difference is a matter of degree, not kind. Underneath it all is the same proud heartbeat.

6 Responses to “Just Answer the Phone!”

  1. tom  

    I think for many the deeper issue is laziness. Let’s be honest it is selfish laziness that keeps us from getting the phone or meeting needs around us. It is just easier to sit and do nothing. Working at a church I see it a lot. Church for many is about the pew. It would take effort to make it more than that. To really worship and serve and well to get the phone takes effort. So I’ll let it ring and I’ll let oppression continue and I’ll let babies die of AIDS and I’ll let people suffer, because well, someone else will get it.

  2. Simon  

    Happy Christmas Anthony (and your forgotten blog!) 🙂

  3. fallenangel  

    Speaking of communication how come you don’t have any reference to your email address any where on this site?

    I wanted to send you this: http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/dn10849-wikipedia-links-used-to-build-smart-reading-lists.html

    So instead, I post it here.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Simon  

    Anthony Velez was survived by a wife and three children.

  5. Anthony Velez  

    LOL! I deserve that. The end of the last semester was rather intense, to the point of interrupting my holidays (extensions can be a blessing and a curse). The past week has been just general lameness on my part. Anyways, I have a draft that I will soon post.

  6. Simon  

    Promises promises! 😉