The Brilliance of Brutal Obscurity

I translated the following poem for my Translation of Chilean and Spanish Poetry class. It is by Homero Aridjis, a poet and journalist who abides in Mexico. The process of translating is one frought with many challenges, a reality that is manifold for poetry. I am in debt to the professor for certain aspects of this translation. I accept, however, all responsibility for any shortcomings or failures.

I am enjoying translating poetry as it pushes me to connect more deeply with what I am reading, and it sparks my imagination for possibilities that I might pursue in my own writing. I can imagine that translation will be a regular part of my life, perhaps as a creative discipline to sharpen my own skills and expand my creative repertoire. Whatever the future may hold for me and translation, in the present I hope you enjoy this poem.

You enter the dark room
as on a bed of dreams

a corner of unclear light
the rigid rhythm
of quiet terror

the brilliance of brutal obscurity
in black on black

on shadow is shadow
a Babel of tongues
bewildered and in shadows

all say the name of the impalpable
all look and weigh
the unseen

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