Can’t Miss the Set Up

“Why can’t you drive to church like you’re going to the movies!!?” stated my beloved, but mildly irritated wife as I crawled down the road at four miles an hour below the speed limit. “What do you mean?!?” I responded somewhat defensively, to which she replied, “When you go to the movies you pay attention and you’re alert. You drive at five miles an hour above the speed limit to get there faster, but not so fast that you risk getting pulled over. Also, you look ahead at any problems that might prevent you from arriving on time.” Shifting slightly in my seat while I pressed slightly on the pedal I answered “Well, you can’t be late to the movies cuz if you miss the beginning you miss the set up and then you risk being lost for the rest of the film. Also, I don’t want to miss the trailers. Going to church on the other hand is kind-a-like going to someone’ house, and I’m usually tardy when I do that.” I felt satisfied by my impromptu response, particularly the part that equated church to visiting someone’ house, which added a personal, almost evangelical quality to my reply. Looking at the smirk on my beloved wife’ face, however, demonstrated that we both knew that my response was a thinly veiled cover for the fact that I am more motivated by movies than I am by worship.

God have mercy!!!

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