My Dad’s Drawer

I remember my Dad’s drawer. In my later youth, while living on Elmhurst circle, I remember opening on several occasions, the second drawer of my parent’s bureau. My Dad had one or two other drawers, but this is the one that drew me to its contents again and again. Particularly I remember a magnifying glass, which rotated out of a leather case, a watchmaker’s monocle, various precision tools, an Exacto blade set, a coin purse full of coins from all over the world, old wallets, new handkerchiefs (still in the box), a volt meter, a couple of large finger nail clippers, a pair of barbers scissors, his electric shaver, a couple of fine tooth combs, and a set of binoculars.

This drawer had a unique scent, which combined old wood, oiled mechanisms and Brylcream. This scent seemed like the essence of my Father. In my recollections, I often think I could do no better at expressing who he was, what masculinity was like for me, than if I was to glue all that stuff to the bottom of the drawer, pull it out, frame it, and hang it on a wall.

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  1. Simon Jones  

    I think this post is great Anthony. I didn’t post a comment the first time I read it because apart from saying I think it’s great and ‘real’ and a whole bunch of other lame sounding stuff, there didn’t really seem a lot that i could say that would do it any justice.

    But I want to ask a question of you, one that I was going to by email and if you’d like we can do this by email, or you could make this a new blog entry, it’s your blog, you decide.

    My question is very simple. Do you consider yourself a conservative Christian or a liberal Christian and what are your definitions of those two terrible tags.